BNP Paribas Graduate Practice Aptitude Test Pack 2023



Practice Full-length aptitude tests questions for BNP Paribas graduate jobs. Featuring the latest Cut-e assessment questions of the same style and difficulty of the actual test. Practice now, track your scores and ace it! What You’ll Get:

  • 12 Practice tests adapted from past exams.
  • 590 Worked answers step by step explanations
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BNP Paribas Graduate Practice Pack

About: BNP Paribas Graduate Practice Aptitude Test Pack

Enhance your practice for BNP Paribas graduate assessment with extensive practice questions from the BNP Paribas Graduate Practice Pack, and featuring all the sections on the actual exams. This book provides insight into what to expect, and helps you develop effective study strategies. Kick off your preparation with our BNP Paribas assessment prep bundle (all-in-one pack):

  • BNP Paribas Numerical reasoning test / Cut-e Assessment
  • BNP Paribas Verbal reasoning test / Cut-e Assessment
  • BNP Paribas Abstract reasoning tests / Cut-e Assessment
  • BNP Paribas Logical reasoning tests / Cut-e Assessment

With step by step explanations on every questions, and hints on how to solve them faster.

About BNP Paribas company

BNP Paribas is a French international banking group. They offer their graduate programmes in a range of exciting business areas.

BNP Paribas Aptitude tests formats; What to expect:

BNP Paribas mostly uses Cut-e Assessment style tests for its candidate selection. The sections on the assessments may include any of the following test sections, depending on the role that you applied to and also the country you are applying from:

  1. Numerical Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Abstract Reasoning Test
  4. Inductive Reasoning
  5. Deductive Reasoning
  6. Spatial Reasoning

Free BNP Paribas Graduate Practice Pack Sample Questions


How much was spent on Clothes and Shoes in year 5 if the same percent increase was maintained as between year 3 and year 4?

A. 1,920 Euros

B. 1,921 Euros

C. 1,922 Euros

D. 1,934 Euros

E. 1,935 Euros

EXPLANATION: For clothes and shoes, Percentage increase between year 3 and year 4 is given as: {Amount spent in year 4 – Amount spent in year 3} /Amount spent in year 3 x 100 {1870 – 1820} /1820 x 100/1 = 50/1820 x 100/1 = 2.75% Percentage increase in clothes and shoes between year 4 and year 5 (Amount spent in 5 years – Amount spent in year 4)/Amount spent in year 4 x 100/1 X – 1870/1870 x 100/1 Since percentage increase is the same: 2.75 = x – 1870/1870 x 100/1 2.75 = 100x – 187000/1870 5142.5 187000/100 = 100x/100 192142.5/100 = x X = 1921.425 ≈ 1921. Answer: (A)


In year 3, how much more was spent on house & home than on hygiene & health?

A. 8,080 Euros

B. 8,280 Euros

C. 8,480 Euros

D. 8,680 Euros

E. 8,880 Euros

EXPLANATION: Five years 5 Houses and home = 10,500 Health and hygiene = 2,220 Houses and home is greater than hygiene and health by: 10,500 – 2,220 = 8280. Answer: (B)


Which of the items accounts for the highest percent change between year 2 and 3?

A. Food

B. House & Home

C. Clothes & Shoes

D. Hygiene & Health

E. Leisure & Transport

EXPLANATION: For year 2 and 3 Food = (4600 – 4480)/4480 x 1000 = 0.027 x 100 = 2.63% Clothes and shoes = (1820 – 1770)/1770 x 100 = 0.0282 x 100 = 2.82% Hygiene and health = (2220 – 2240)/2240 x 100 = 0.0412 x 100 = 0.89% (Negative shoes decreases) Leisure and transport = (10,100 – 9700)/9700 x 100 = 0.0412 x 100 = 4.13% Houses and home = (10,500 – 10,200)/10,200 x 100 = 0.0294 x 100 = 2.94% Therefore, the highest percent charge is leisure and transport = 4.13% Answer: (E)


What is the total percent change in money spent on hygiene & health between year 1 & year 4?

A. 0.4% decrease

B. 4% increase

C. 4% decrease

D. 0.4% increase

E. 5% decrease

EXPLANATION Total percentage charge on hygiene and health in year 1 and year 4 is % change = (Amount spent in year 4) – (Amount spent in year 5)/Amount spent in year 1 x 100 (2250 – 2260)/2260 x 100 = – 0.44 ≈ 0.4 decrease Answer: (A)

BNP Paribas Graduate Practice Pack Verbal Reasoning

A few ‘Safe As Houses’ alarms have been redesigned in an attempt to reduce the large number of complaints where alarms have sounded by accident. One of the new types of alarm is less sensitive than its predecessors. Studies have shown that these newer alarms are rarely activated for no apparent reason. ‘Safe As Houses’ still sells a number of the original, sensitive alarm systems, because the increase in threshold for motion detection means that the new style alarms may fail to register break-in where limited force is being used.

Question 5

All of the company’s alarm system are now less sensitive.

A. True

B. False

C. Cannot say

Answer: C

Question 6

The new alarm systems should reduce the number of accidental soundings by at least a half.

A. True

B. False

C. Cannot say

Answer: C

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