LPIC-2 Study Guide 2023



The LPIC-2 Study Guide 2022 is your one-stop resource for exam preparation. It covers all LPIC-2 exam formats, featuring extensive sample questions for self-study. What You’ll Get:

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LPIC-2 Study Guide

About LPIC-2 Study Guide 2023

LPIC-2 Study Guide 2023 is the study guide for the second certification in the multi-level professional certification program of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). The LPIC-2 will validate the candidate’s ability to administer small to medium-sized mixed networks.  The LPIC-2 study Guide will help in preparing and arming you with readiness for the certification test.

About LPIC-2

Back in 1998, Apple released the iMac and Microsoft released Windows98. Unix was still a force on server computers but Microsoft Windows NT was promising major inroads into the server space. Linux was rapidly becoming a growing phenomenon with millions of users worldwide. Upstart companies, such as Red Hat and SUSE, were attracting the attention of corporate users with their commercial packaging and support of Linux, but analysts and IT journalists maintained Linux would never get beyond a niche presence without dramatic increases in professional support.

About Linux

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