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SHL Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test Prep Book is essential to landing the job of your choice. This practice pack is tailored to help you get a feel of actual SHL Numerical reasoning assessments, and score higher. You will be exposed to numerous practice questions, solutions, explanations and answers for your own study. Passing the test just go easier. What You’ll Get:

  • 12 Practice tests adapted from past exams.
  • 590 Worked answers and step explanations
  • Lifetime offline access, guaranteed success.
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SHL Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test Prep Book is what you need to pass any SHL Numerical Assessment test. What ever role you apply for, you will have to take one of SHL numerical reasoning tests. This is why we have packaged the SHL Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test Prep Book for you. Job applicants for various companies that use SHL must take the SHL test. A pass mark is set by the recruitment team. You must score above the mark to advance in further stages of the recruitment process. Adequate preparation with SHL Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test Prep Book is what you need to ace the test. This prep book has lots of information on:

  • sufficient SHL-style sample questions
  • suitable solutions and suitable explanation
  • strategies on how you can increase your accuracy and speed

Numerical reasoning tests sure will become mere piece of cake after practicing this! The price is far lower than the benefits you will gain when you pass that job test.

Sample SHL Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions 

Question 1

What was the difference in value of the coal mined at mine A and mine B in April?

A. $380,000

B. $494,000

C. $874,000

D. $1,140,000

Solution Mine A: 65,000 × $76 = $4.94m Mine B: 50,000 × $76 = $3.8m $4.94m – $3.8m = $1.14m Answer: D

Question 2

Mine A had forecast a 20% increase in coal production from April to May. What is the difference between the amount of coal that was actually extracted compared to the forecasted figure?

A. 33,000 tonnes

B. 20,000 tonnes

C. 13,500 tonnes

D. 6,500 tonnes

Solution 65,000 × 1.2 = 78,000 78,000 – 45,000 = 33,000 Answer: A

Question 3

Assuming half of the coal mined from both mines in March was sold in April and one quarter was sold in each of May and June what was the income generated from the sales?

A. $8,163,750

B. $8,216,250

C. $8,347,500

D. $8,478,750

Solution March total = 50k 55k = 105k 50% × 105k × $76 = $3,990k 25% × 105k × $89 = $2,336.25k 25% × 105k × $77 = $2,021.25k Total = $8,347.5k Answer: C

Question 4

If the price of coal was actually 10% lower than quoted in April and decreased a further 15% from this level in May, what would be the income for Mine B for both months, assuming the coal produced each month was sold in the same month?

A. $6,137,000

B. $6,327,000

C. $6,617,700

D. $7,409,250

Solution Mine B: April = 50,000 × $76 × 0.9 = $3.42m May = 55,000 × $76 × 0.9 × 0.85 = $3.1977m Total = $6.6177m Answer: C

Question 5

OMR 750 was used to buy CAD in Q1 and then converted back to OMR in Q4. How many OMR did this buy?

A. 589

B. 659

C. 712

D. 789

E. 815

Solution Step 1 – Calculate how many CAD you can buy with OMR 750 in Q1. OMR 750 / 0.33 = 2,272.73 Step 2 – Calculate how many OMR you can buy with CAD in Q4. 2,272.73 x 0.29 = 659.09 Answer: B

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