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Capgemini Graduate Online Assessment Practice Test [Year]

Capgemini Online Practice Test

Are you dreaming of joining one of the world’s leading consulting and technology services companies, Capgemini? If your answer is yes, then you’re on the right path! Capgemini offers a wide range of career opportunities for talented individuals, and their recruitment process includes a rigorous aptitude test that you need to ace to land your dream job. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the Capgemini Practice Aptitude Test Pack for 2024, providing you with essential insights and tips to help you succeed.

The Importance of the Capgemini Aptitude Test

Before we delve into the specifics of the practice test pack, let’s understand why the aptitude test is such a crucial step in the Capgemini hiring process. Capgemini values a diverse set of skills and talents, and the aptitude test is designed to assess your problem-solving abilities, logical reasoning, and numerical proficiency, which are vital for success in consulting and technology-related roles.

The Capgemini Practice Aptitude Test Pack for 2024

Capgemini offers a comprehensive aptitude test pack that allows aspiring candidates to prepare effectively for the actual assessment. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the 2024 practice test pack:

  1. Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning: This section assesses your mathematical abilities, including concepts such as algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. Expect questions that require quick calculations and logical reasoning.
  2. Logical Reasoning: Logical reasoning is a cornerstone of consulting work. In this section, you’ll encounter puzzles, patterns, and scenarios that test your ability to analyze information and make informed decisions.
  3. Verbal Ability: Communication is key in any consulting role. The verbal ability section evaluates your proficiency in English, including grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.
  4. Situational Judgment: Consulting often involves navigating complex situations. This part of the test assesses your ability to handle hypothetical scenarios and make sound judgments.
  5. Abstract Reasoning: Abstract reasoning questions are designed to evaluate your ability to identify patterns and relationships within shapes and symbols, an important skill in problem-solving.

Tips for Excelling in the Capgemini Aptitude Test

  1. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is the key to success. Dedicate time each day to work through practice questions and assess your progress.
  2. Understand the Test Format: Familiarize yourself with the test’s structure and timing. Knowing what to expect can help you manage your time effectively during the actual test.
  3. Improve Your Weak Areas: Identify your weaker areas and focus on improving them. Whether it’s mathematics, logical reasoning, or verbal skills, targeted practice can make a significant difference.
  4. Time Management: The aptitude test is timed, so learn to manage your time wisely. Don’t spend too long on a single question. If you’re stuck, move on and come back later if time allows.
  5. Use Online Resources: There are numerous online resources, including mock tests, video tutorials, and forums where you can seek advice and clarification on difficult concepts.
  6. Stay Calm and Focused: On the day of the test, stay calm and focused. Take deep breaths, read each question carefully, and avoid rushing through the questions.

Sample Capgemini Assessment Practice Tests and Worked Solutions


Question-1 What proportion of the medals won by Germany are gold?

A. 35%

B. 38%

C. 27%

D. 39%

E. 30%

EXPLANATION Proportion of medical that are gold won by Germany is Total medal won by Germany = 16 15 10 = 41 medals = 16/41 x 100 = 39.02% ≈ 39%. Answer: (D)

Capgemini Practice Aptitude Test pack For 2023

Question-2 How many males are three aged over 70?

A. 36 million

B. 107 million

C. 132 million

D. 140 million

E. 143 million

EXPLANATION : Over 70 males, means that, males that are 70 and above that is 70, 80-89, 90 and older ones = 107 33 3 = 143 million.

Answer: (E)

Question-3 How many more females than males are there in the 60-69 age category?

A. 14 million

B. 16 million

C. 18 million

D. 20 million

E. 22 million

EXPLANATION : Female are more than males in the age bracket 60-69. So therefore 208 – 192 = 16 million. Answer: (B)

Question-4 If all females attains menopause at 60, how many women have attained menopause in the world?

A. 208 million

B. 396 million

C. 386 million

D. 405 million

E. 341 million

EXPLANATION : At menopause for female at 60, and above are: 208 133 55 9 = 405.

Answer: (D)

Question-5 How many more males than females are there in the 40-49 age category?

A. 4 million

B. 5 million

C. 6 million

D. 10 million

E. 2 million

EXPLANATION : At age 40-49 there are more males than females: 426 – 421 = 5 million.

Answer: (B)


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