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Aptitude/Psychometric Tests Study and Preparation Guide

What are Aptitude/Psychometric Tests ? Aptitude/Psychometric tests are often used during the recruitment process. Many companies use these tests to check a person’s capability by measuring different skills, and your personal results will be compared to other applicants. The test will give an indication of how candidates respond to challenges they face during the application […]

Tips on How to Solve Percentage Problems

In this Tips on how to Solve Percentage Problems, it consists of What a Percentage problem is and how to solve it. Sample questions and Answers 1. What Is a Percentage? How to Add Percentages How to Subtract Percentages 2. Converting Decimals and Fractions to Percentage Values 3.  How to Work Out the Percentage of […]

Tips on how to answer Situational Judgement Tests

In this Tips on how to answer Situational Judgement Tests, it consists of Sample questions and Answers What a situational Judgement Test and why employers use it. Basically this test is used to assess your reaction to various situations in the work environment. And you will be scored on account of your answer and response. […]

Tips for preparation for Numerical Reasoning Test

Tips on how to answer Numerical Reasoning Questions   Below are some tips on how to answer numerical reasoning questions correctly, do try to read through as the tips are very effective  whenever you are taking a numerical reasoning exam/test.   Calculate how much time you have to answer each question. If you have 20 […]

Tips on Verbal Reasoning Test

Tips on Verbal Reasoning Test Using the passage below as an example, The answer is “cannot say” because, in the passage it doesn’t state anywhere that police officers are required to wear a uniform.   To read and fully understand every word of every verbal test passage will take time and ultimately, eat into the […]

Percentages in Numerical Reasoning Test

How to calculate for Percentages in Numerical Reasoning Test A simple trick, 2. For the first image, 30% of 60, it can be easily calculated by multiplying (30 x 60)/100=18 Alternatively, you can multiply, 3 by 6, which results in 18. Another method is 10% of 60 = 10/100 x 60 = 6 Therefore, 30/100 […]

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