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Getting Ready for SAT Test Day - Examiner Guide

Getting Ready for SAT Test Day – Examiner Guide

Success in the SAT test requires a lot of planning. The strategies highlighted will aid you in getting ready for SAT Test Day.

getting-ready-for-sat-test-day1 – SET UP A STUDY SCHEDULE.

Its usually best to start a few months before the test day. You can check out some official SAT practice on online portals such as KHAN Academy, Amazon and TestPremier. This will help you focus on areas that need the most work and practice regularly.

getting-ready-for-sat-test-day2 – CHECK YOUR PROGRESS.

Two weeks before the test day, take a mock test to check your progress. This will not only reveal to you what to expect on the actual test, but also key areas you need to improve on.

getting-ready-for-sat-test-day3 – FAMILIARIZE WITH TEST VENUE.

Days to test day, check your test center location and make sure you know how to get there. Take a trip to the venue if possible, you don’t want to miss your way when its only a few minutes to test start.

getting-ready-for-sat-test-day4. GET SET

Pack your bags a night before. Ensure you have packed all you need, which includes your Admission ticket, Photo ID, Snacks, No2 pencils, Calculator etc.

getting-ready-for-sat-test-day5.- GET IN THE MOOD

To feel confident on the test day, Sleep well the night before. On test day, eat a good breakfast to ensure you have plenty of energy. Once you arrive at the test center, sit and take a breath. Remind yourself how much you practiced, and what this means to you. Stay confident and keep calm.

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