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Tips on how to answer Situational Judgement Tests

In this Tips on how to answer Situational Judgement Tests, it consists of

  • Sample questions and Answers
  • What a situational Judgement Test and why employers use it.

Basically this test is used to assess your reaction to various situations in the work environment. And you will be scored on account of your answer and response.

Below are some situations that may arise in the workplace. You are to answer on how best you may react to the situation.

  • For this first scenario, the correct answer is A, as it shows, you are willing to stop any form of abuse, regardless of it’s target. It also shows you are willing to do what it takes to make the workplace a friendly environment.


  • The correct answer is B.  A workplace should be as friendly and as supportive as possible. Picking the option B indicates that, you are supportive and are willing to help your co-workers.


  • Option B is the correct answer. Lik the option reads, it shows you have empathy and are very calm in conflicts. It also indicates that you are able to quell conflicts.


  • Option C. Volunteering to do the work without pay shows you are a reliable person and also care about your co-workers. Employers are happy to hire such people.

  • Option B. This option is the correct answer because it shows that you are responsible. And also, the cleaner might have had a bit of issue, that made them skip their responsibilities.



Option A.  Doing the task can be seen as an oppurtunity too learn new skills. Employers do like people who are keen on trying new things.

Option B. Advising the co-worker shows that you stand for honesty. And assessors/employers would want to hire honest people.


Option A. Talking to your colleague, so that he puts in as much work as you are shows that you are firm andnot a push-over.


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