FDM Group Practice Aptitude Test Pack

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Thinking about a career in IT consulting? FDM Group is a well-respected company, but their hiring process can be competitive. This page can help you prepare and stand out with valuable information and resources.

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FDM  Group Graduate Aptitude Test Pack
FDM Group Practice Aptitude Test Pack
$69 Original price was: $69.$49Current price is: $49.
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About FDM Group

FDM Group is a global professional services provider specializing in technology and business solutions. Established in 1991, FDM helps businesses navigate digital transformation by providing various services, including IT and business consulting, training, and recruitment. They offer opportunities for recent graduates and professionals seeking to advance their careers in technology and business fields through their unique training programs and placement services.

FDM Group Aptitude Tests Formats; What to Expect

The FDM Group exam typically assesses candidates’ skills and competencies relevant to the roles they are applying for within the company. Here’s what you can generally expect from the FDM Group exam:

  1. Technical Knowledge Assessment: Depending on the role you’re applying for, you may be tested on technical skills relevant to the job, such as programming languages, database management, software development methodologies, and IT infrastructure concepts.
  2. Problem-Solving Exercises: The exam may include problem-solving exercises designed to evaluate your analytical thinking and ability to tackle real-world challenges. These exercises could involve scenarios commonly encountered in the role you’re applying for, requiring you to propose solutions or identify potential issues.
  3. Aptitude Tests: FDM Group may use aptitude tests to assess candidates’ cognitive abilities, such as logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and verbal comprehension. These tests help evaluate your capacity to learn, adapt, and perform tasks effectively in the role.
  4. Situational Judgment Tests: You might encounter situational judgment tests that present hypothetical workplace scenarios and ask you to choose the most appropriate course of action. These tests assess your decision-making skills, judgment, and ability to handle various situations professionally.
  5. Behavioral Assessments: Some FDM Group exams may include behavioral assessments to evaluate your interpersonal skills, communication abilities, teamwork, and professional demeanor. These assessments aim to determine how well you fit the company culture and how effectively you can collaborate with colleagues.
  6. Duration and Format: The duration and format of the exam can vary depending on the specific role and level of the position you’re applying for. It may consist of multiple-choice questions, essay-style responses, coding challenges, case studies, or a combination of these formats.


  1. Numerical Reasoning:

Question: If a company’s revenue increased by 20% in the first quarter and then decreased by 10% in the second quarter, what is the overall change in revenue?


To calculate the overall change, we first find the change in revenue for each quarter. For the first quarter, the increase is 20% of the original revenue. For the second quarter, the decrease is 10% of the revenue after the first increase. Therefore, the overall change is 20% – 10% = 10% increase.

2.Verbal Comprehension:

Question: Choose the synonym for “conundrum.”

a) Dilemma

b) Solution

c) Mystery

d) Problem


a) Dilemma. A conundrum is a complex problem or puzzle, so the synonym for it would be “dilemma.”

3. Situational judgement: 

Betty is a newly graduated nurse and on the night shift in the hospital. The doctor has just come through the ward and given her orders on what medications to give to patients. As she goes to deliver medication to a patient, she reads his chart and notices that the medication would react with the current medication he is on. The doctor is no longer in the ward and medications need to be delivered on time or they will set the schedules off. What should she do?

A. She should page the doctor to come back and attend to other patients until he returns to ask him if he made a mistake with the medication.

B. She should check how the medication will react and if she cannot find any negative results, administer the medications and keep an eye on him.

C. She should find another nurse to double check the order and not administer the medication until she receives approvals from someone else.

D. She should still administer the medication to the patient. The doctor must have read the chart and been aware of the other medications.

When taking the FDM Group Practice aptitude tests, remember to:

– Read instructions carefully
– Manage your time effectively
– Answer questions confidently
– Review your work before submitting


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