Logical Reasoning Assessment Practice Test Pack

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Practice Full-length assessment test questions for Logical Reasoning Assessment with our updated Logical Reasoning Practice Test Pack. This pack contains assessment questions of the same style and difficulty as the actual test. Practice now, track your scores, and ace it! What You’ll Get:

  • 12 Practice tests adapted from past exams.
  • 590 Worked answers step by step explanations
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Logical Reasoning Assessment

Enhance your practice for the Logical Reasoning Assessment Test with our updated Logical Reasoning Assessment Practice Test Pack, which covers all the sections on the actual exams. This book provides valuable insights into what to expect and will be of great help in helping you develop effective study strategies.

About Logical Reasoning Assessment Practice Test

A logical reasoning test is used to measure a candidate’s problem-solving abilities. The test seeks to assess the ability to come to conclusions based on logic. You are presented with a series of shapes and are required to find patterns and rules to help you find the correct answer.

What to expect:

The sections on the assessments may include any of the following test sections, depending on the role that you applied to and also the country you are applying from:

  1. Numerical Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Diagrammatic Reasoning
  4. Abstract Reasoning Test

Sample Questions

Question 1

Statements: All mangoes are golden in color. No golden-colored things are cheap.

I) All mangoes are cheap.
II) Golden-colored mangoes are not cheap.

A) Only conclusion I follow
B) Only conclusion II follows
C) Either I or II follows
D) Neither I nor II follows
E) Both I and II follow

Answer: Option B


Clearly, the conclusion must be universally negative and should not contain the middle term. So, it follows that ‘No mango is cheap’. So if the mangoes are golden in color we may say golden-colored mangoes instead of just mangoes ‘. Thus, II follows.

Question 2

Which alternative will replace the question mark.

Cup: Lip:: Bird:?

A) Bush
B) Grass
C) Forest
D) Beak

Answer: Option D

To drink something with the help of lips, a Cup is used. likewise, birds collect grass with the help of beaks to make their nest.

Question 3

Statement:  Swetha has incurred accumulated losses of Rs.153 crore since it was launched in 1981.

Courses of Action:

Swetha should increase ticket fares and reduce the expenditure on unnecessary waste.
Swetha should receive Rs 300 crore to make it economically operational.

A) Only I follow
B) Only II follows
C) Either I or II follows
D) Neither I nor II follows
E) Both I and II follow

Answer: Option A

In order to grow economically, Swetha should gradually reduce losses and increase the income of her business.


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