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Practice Full-length assessment test questions for Numerical Reasoning Assessment with our updated Numerical Reasoning Practice Test Pack. This pack contains assessment questions of the same style and difficulty as the actual test. Practice now, track your scores, and ace it! What You’ll Get:

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Improve your practice for the Numerical Reasoning Assessment Test with our updated Numerical Reasoning Assessment Practice Test Pack, which covers all the sections on the actual exams. This book provides valuable insights into what to expect and will be of great help in helping you develop effective study strategies. Kick off your preparation with our Numerical Reasoning Assessment Practice Test


With detailed step-by-step explanations on every question, and hints on how to solve them faster.

About Numerical Reasoning Assessment Practice Test

A numerical reasoning test is targeted at assessing a candidate’s ability to handle and interpret numerical data. You will be required to analyse and draw conclusions from the data, which may be presented in the form of tables or graphs. The tests are timed and in a multiple-choice format.

Numerical Reasoning Tests assess your ability to interpret and analyze numerical data, perform calculations, and make logical deductions based on numerical information.

What to expect:

Numerical reasoning tests are multiple-choice and usually timed. You can usually expect to have between 45 seconds and 2 minutes per question. Most of these tests will allow you to use a calculator and a pen and paper. You won’t have to remember any maths formula or equations or show your working out.


Sample Numerical Reasoning Practice Test Questions

Question 1:
You are given the following data:

Company A’s revenue in 2019: $500,000
Company A’s revenue in 2020: $620,000
Company B’s revenue in 2019: $450,000
Company B’s revenue in 2020: $520,000

What is the percentage increase in revenue for Company A from 2019 to 2020?
A) 10%
B) 20%
C) 24%
D) 25%


Question 2:
A store is offering a 20% discount on all items. If a shirt originally costs $40, how much will it cost after the discount?
A) $8
B) $20
C) $32
D) $48


Question 3:
You have a box containing 12 red balls, 8 blue balls, and 5 green balls. If you randomly pick one ball from the box, what is the probability of selecting a blue ball?
A) 20%
B) 25%
C) 30%
D) 40%


Question 4:
You invest $5,000 in a savings account that offers an annual interest rate of 4%. How much interest will you earn after one year?
A) $100
B) $200
C) $300
D) $400


Question 5:
You need to calculate the area of a rectangular garden with a length of 10 meters and a width of 5 meters. What is the total area in square meters?
A) 15 square meters
B) 25 square meters
C) 50 square meters
D) 100 square meters


Question 6:
If a car travels at a speed of 60 miles per hour, how many miles will it travel in 3 hours?
A) 20 miles
B) 60 miles
C) 120 miles
D) 180 miles


Question 7:
You have a budget of $800 to purchase textbooks for a course. If each textbook costs $40, how many textbooks can you buy?
A) 8 textbooks
B) 10 textbooks
C) 16 textbooks
D) 20 textbooks


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