Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test Practice Test Pack

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Practice Full-length assessment test questions for Numerical Reasoning Assessment with our updated Numerical Reasoning Practice Test Pack. This pack contains assessment questions of the same style and difficulty as the actual test. Practice now, track your scores, and ace it! What You’ll Get:

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About Numerical Reasoning Test

A Numerical Reasoning Test is a type of psychometric assessment designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to understand and interpret numerical data. These tests typically involve mathematical problems, data analysis, and logical reasoning, all within a time-constrained environment.

Numerical Reasoning Tests are commonly used by employers during the recruitment process to assess candidates’ numerical aptitude, problem-solving skills, and ability to work with numbers accurately and efficiently. They are especially prevalent in fields such as finance, accounting, engineering, and data analysis, where proficiency in numerical reasoning is essential for success.

Numerical reasoning Aptitude tests formats; What to expect; What to expect

Numerical reasoning aptitude tests come in various formats. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions: You’ll encounter multiple-choice questions where you choose the correct answer from several options provided.
  2. Data Interpretation: Expect questions that require you to analyze and interpret numerical data presented in tables, graphs, or charts.
  3. Word Problems: These questions present real-life scenarios that require mathematical reasoning to solve, such as calculating percentages, ratios, or averages.
  4. Timed Tests: Many numerical reasoning tests are timed, so be prepared to answer questions quickly and efficiently within the allocated time frame.
  5. Online Platforms: Tests may be administered online, where you’ll navigate through questions and input your answers digitally.
  6. Progressive Difficulty: Questions may start with basic concepts and gradually increase in complexity as you progress through the test.
  7. No Calculator: In some cases, calculators may not be allowed, so be prepared to perform calculations mentally or manually.

Sample Questions

Here are some sample numerical reasoning aptitude test questions and answers:

Number Series:

1. 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, ?

a) 17
b) 18
c) 19
d) 20

Answer: a) 17

2. 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, ?

a) 14
b) 15
c) 16
d) 18

Answer: b) 15

Mathematical Operations:

1. 45 x 0.25 = ?

a) 11.25
b) 12.25
c) 13.25
d) 14.25

Answer: a) 11.25

2. 72 ÷ 9 = ?

a) 7
b) 8
c) 9
d) 10

Answer: b) 8

Data Interpretation:

1. A table shows the number of units sold by a company over 4 months: Jan (100), Feb (120), Mar (150), Apr (180). What is the average number of units sold per month?

a) 120
b) 125
c) 130
d) 135

Answer: c) 130

2. A graph shows the temperature (°C) over 5 days: Mon (20), Tue (22), Wed (25), Thu (28), Fri (30). What is the highest temperature?

a) 25
b) 28
c) 30
d) 32

Answer: c) 30

Word Problems:

1. A book costs $25. If a 10% discount is applied, how much will you pay?

a) $22.50
b) $23.50
c) $24.50
d) $25.50

Answer: a) $22.50

2. A car travels 250 miles in 5 hours. How many miles does it travel per hour?

a) 45
b) 50
c) 55
d) 60

Answer: b) 50


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