SHL Deductive Reasoning Aptitude Test Practice Pack


This book will ensure a faster and better preparation for SHL Deductive Reasoning Tests. You will find 12 different sets of SHL Deductive questions, with answers and explanations (all drafted from actual tests) to help you familiarize  and to optimize your speed and accuracy on the actual test day.

Got an SHL Deductive reasoning test to write? This ebook contains practice questions that will help you prepare practice easier, faster, and more efficiently for the test and also gain the much needed confidence to ace the assessment test.

What are SHL tests?

CEB/SHL (Now Gartner) is a leading global test agency based in the UK. Major international companies use SHL tests as part of their recruitment processes.

For example,  Companies that includes Deductive reasoning as part of its assessment incudes: World bank, Air France, PWC, among others.

SHL Aptitude Test Format

SHL Aptitude test style varies from one company to another, and it generally depends on the role the company is recruiting for. SHL administered tests cover sections such as;

  1. Numerical reasoning (Typically referred as Verify Numerical reasoning),
  2. Verbal reasoning,
  3. Deductive reasoning (Covered by this book),
  4. Abstract reasoning etc

In particular, SHL Deductive reasoning tests are designed to measure one’s ability to draw logical conclusions based on information provided, identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments, and complete scenarios using incomplete information.

Preparing for Your Deductive Reasoning Test

The best way to prepare for your deductive reasoning assessment will be to practise beforehand. This will expose you to the different question types likely to be encountered during your exam.

How to get SHL Deductive Reasoning Practice Tests Book?

This ebook (Solved SHL Deductive Reasoning Test) is available in PDF format, and will be sent to your email for download instantly once your purchase is complete.


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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Umana O 02/2020

It really saves me time and effort. My preparation for AbinBev was a lot smoother than ever. The book was very helpful.

Reyansh M. 03/2020

Finding Testpremier was like stumbling upon a very big treasure

Charlotte J. 01/2020

There is great customer care behind Testpremier.

Danylo P 01/2020

These questions are by far the closest to the real test I wrote - The best I have found

Alicia E 03/2020

I really like the delivery speed and fact that the questions were well explained.