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Emirates Assessment Practice Test Questions for 2024

Are you interested in working for Emirates? The recruitment process for their cabin crew can be tough, but don’t worry. Learn about the steps, try sample questions, and see how our preparation pack can boost your chances of getting the job at the Emirates Airline.

In this blog post, we aim to guide you through all areas of the Emirates Assessment Test for 2024, offering expert insights and valuable tips to help you navigate the application and assessment process with confidence and success.

About Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is a Dubai-based leading aviation company that operates 200+ wide body aircraft in more than 150 destinations and 80 countries worldwide. There are several opportunities for a career at emirates because it is employing new personnel to operate its grounded fleets as a result of the pandemic. Emirates Group is the parent organization of Emirates Airlines it had employed more than 105,000 staff before Covid19, but 30% of them were laid off during the pandemic.



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There are five key sections to the recruitment process at Emirates. These are:

  1. CV review and evaluation
  2. Group assessment
  3. Height and reach assessment
  4. On-line English language assessment and behavioural questionnaire
  5. Web-based final interview

Emirates Aptitude Tests Format

Depending on the role you apply for, you might come across various online psychometric assessments. It’s a good idea to get ready for a variety of pre-employment assessment tests.
Here are the usual tests you could take during the Emirates hiring process:

  1. Numerical reasoning test
  2. Verbal reasoning test
  3. Multitasking test
  4. Spatial awareness test
  5. Flight control test
  6. Short-term memory test

    Emirates Cabin Crew Assessment Tests

    Cabin crew candidates go through fewer assessment tests compared to pilots. The cabin crew assessment day mainly involves various interviews, both group and individual. However, there are still some assessments, including:

    1. Personality Test – This test is similar to the initial personality test and may have some of the same questions. It consists of 180 questions, and candidates have about 45 minutes to complete it.
    2. Reach Test – The reach test is the easiest among the tests for cabin crew candidates. Candidates need to demonstrate their ability to reach an object 212 cm (83 in.) off the ground. They are allowed to stand on their tiptoes for this test.
    3. English Fluency Assessment – Proficiency in the English language is essential for cabin crew candidates. This test does not include a spoken or listening component. Instead, candidates are presented with stories containing a few paragraphs. They must answer five questions about the story, some of which require written answers, often a few sentences long.

    Success Tips for Emirates Practice Aptitude Test

    To excel in the Emirates Aptitude Test, which may be a crucial part of the recruitment process, consider the following tips:

    1. Understand the Test Format: Start by gaining a clear understanding of the test format. Different roles may require different types of aptitude tests, so knowing what to expect is essential.
    2. Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is key to succeeding in your Emirates aptitude test. Use our FREE TEST to practice and prepare for the real Emirates test. The more you practice, the more comfortable and competent you’ll become.
    3. Brush Up on Relevant Skills: Depending on the role you’re applying for, you may need strong numerical, verbal, or logical reasoning skills. Review relevant concepts and practice solving problems related to these areas.
    4. Read Instructions Carefully: Carefully read and understand the instructions for each section of the test. Misinterpreting instructions can lead to mistakes that could cost you valuable points.
    5. Simulate Test Conditions: When practicing, try to replicate the actual testing environment as closely as possible. Use a timer, sit in a quiet space, and mimic the conditions you’ll face on test day.

    By following these tips and dedicating time to study and improve your skills, you’ll be better prepared to take your Emirates Aptitude Test.

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