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Numerical reasoning

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test Pack

The Numerical Reasoning assessment can feel like a looming hurdle on your path to a new job. But fear not, future number whiz! With the right preparation, you can confidently conquer this test and showcase your analytical skills to potential employers.

What is the Numerical Reasoning Assessment?

This assessment evaluates your ability to interpret data, analyze numerical information, and make sound judgments based on the facts presented. These skills are highly valuable in many fields, making success on this test a stepping stone to exciting opportunities.

What to Expect


Prepare for multiple-choice questions, typically timed. Each question will likely take you between 45 seconds and 2 minutes to answer.


Be ready to analyze and draw conclusions from data presented in charts, graphs, or tables. You may also encounter basic calculations, requiring strong skills in percentages, averages, and ratios.


Most tests allow calculators and basic writing materials (pen and paper) during the exam. However, you won’t need to memorize complex formulas or show your calculations.

Conquering the Numerical Reasoning Test

Know your enemy (the format)

Familiarize yourself with the types of questions and the test structure. Practice assessments, like those found in Testpremier’s Numerical Reasoning Practice Test Pack, can give you a clear picture of what to expect on exam day.

Sharpen your tools (the basics)

Ensure a strong foundation in percentages, averages, ratios, and basic algebra. These skills are the building blocks for tackling more complex problems on the quantitative reasoning assessment.

Practice makes perfect

The more practice problems you solve, the more comfortable you’ll become with the format and question styles. Set aside dedicated study time to work through practice problems, focusing on areas needing improvement.

Mental math matters

While calculators may be allowed, proficiency in basic calculations can save you valuable time during the numerical reasoning aptitude test.

Attention to detail is key

Numerical reasoning often involves interpreting data presented visually. Practice carefully analyzing charts, graphs, and tables to avoid missing crucial information.

Take Your Numerical Skills to the Next Level

Testpremier’s Numerical Reasoning Assessment Practice Test Pack offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your preparation. This pack provides full-length assessments that mirror the actual test, allowing you to simulate the exam experience and build confidence. Additionally, our powerful score-tracking system helps you identify areas for improvement and tailor your studying for maximum impact.


By following these tips and utilizing resources like Testpremier’s practice pack, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the Numerical Reasoning Assessment and opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

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