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PI LI aptitude test Complete Preparation Guide

PI LI aptitude test Complete Preparation Guide

Predictive Index Learning Indicator or PI LI aptitude test is used by employers to test the cognitive skills of potential recruits in order to learn their ability to perform the basic tasks needed on the job. A critical step towards performing your best at the PI LI Aptitude Test is knowing what to expect and practicing the exact kind of questions you will see in the actual test.

Companies that use the PI LI aptitude test:

The PI LI Aptitude test is used by a number of companies. Popular ones are;

  • Maersk,
  • DONG Energy,
  • Ardenton Capital,
  • Nestle,
  • SAI Global,
  • Santa Fe Relocation Services,
  • Xing,
  • IKEA,
  • Regiment Capital,
  • Microsoft,
  • GEFCO,
  • Accenture DayNine,
  • AcuSport,
  • Dell, among others.

For most these companies, the first stage will be an online aptitude test followed by telephone interview. You may want to read my post on strategies to help you pass your online tests. Read on…

Skills needed for success:

Like most aptitude tests, PLI tests for your speed and accuracy. There are 50 questions to answer in 12 minutes. Candidates who answer the most questions correctly within the time allotted are selected.

Questions covered in PI LI aptitude test:

There are 3 major kinds of questions you should expect in the PI LI Aptitude test. They include;

  • Numerical questions: Number series & math word problems
  • Verbal questions: Vocabulary, Analogy, Logical reasoning
  • Diagrammatic questions: Abstract Reasoning, Spatial awareness & Inductive reasoning

Preparing for the PI LI aptitude test:

As I stated earlier, the speed with which you are able to answer the questions is vital to your success on the PI LI. Knowing what to expect in the test will both calm your nerves and keep you alert during the test.

A. First step after invitation – Practice: Once you have received an invitation email to the PI LI assessment, here’s the first thing you should do is to kick-start your practice immediately. Testpremier has a compilation of PI LI questions that will pre-expose you to the kind of questions you will see in your actual test. Most questions in the book are based on actual test scenerios, which is definitely the best way to prepare.

B. During practice – Focus on speed: The test interface is such that 5 questions are presented on each page and there are 50questions in all. Since the time limit for the test is just 12minutes, meaning that you will have to spend an average of 1.2minute on each page, that’s approximately 4-questions per minute.

To do well, You have to be extremely fast in answering the questions. Realistically, most candidates will not answer all 50 questions. So, the more questions you are able to answer correctly within that time, the higher your chance for success.

C. Before the test – Take simulated practice: It is important that you take advantage of the 20 practice questions presented before the test. This test simulates the time constraints of the actual PI Learning Indicator.

Sample Test Interface

Final Thoughts:

The overall difficulty of the questions on the PI LI is pretty low but if you ask anyone who has taken the test, they’ll tell you – There was not enough time. The difference between the successful candidates and the unsuccessful ones is the ability to answer many questions correctly within the time allotted.

Again here’s a link to the recommended study material for PI indicator tests. If you want to know more and curbside with other candidates taking the PI LI, join up  here.

Good luck!

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