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Savills Graduate Online Assessment Practice Test 2024

Savills Graduate Online Assessment Practice Test 2024
Savills Graduate Online Assessment Practice Test [year]

Savills Online Practice Test

The choice to join Savills workforce is a great move that must be backed up with adequate and effective preparation. There are many roles available at Savills and a hiring process has been put in place by the company to determine if you qualify to join the company. In this post, we will guide you through relevant materials and resources that you can explore in order to excel in the hiring process at Savills. You will get access to free tips on how to scale through the hiring process, and also, you will also get an overview of the different assessments you’re likely to encounter as you move through the different stages of the hiring process. Also, do well to take advantage of our full Savills Graduate Online Assessment Practice Test 2024.

About Savills

Savills is one of the world’s leading property agents. Our experience and expertise span the globe, with 600 offices across 70 countries. Our scale gives us wide-ranging specialist and local knowledge, and we take pride in providing best-in-class advice as we help individuals, businesses, and institutions make better property decisions.


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Savills Test Format

  1. Savills Verbal Reasoning Test: This test involves a series of questions that need to be answered within a specified time frame, which may vary depending on the company’s policies. In this assessment, you will encounter a series of paragraphs that you are required to read carefully and thoughtfully, followed by a set of questions. Your responses to these questions will generally be in the form of “True,” “False,” or “Cannot Tell.” The primary objective of this test is to evaluate your analytical skills, as well as your literacy and comprehension abilities. During the Savills Verbal Reasoning Test, you will be assessed on your capacity to analyze written information effectively and make logical conclusions or judgments based on the information presented to you. In essence, this assessment plays a significant role in the selection process, helping employers identify candidates who possess strong analytical and literacy skills, which are often vital in roles that require critical thinking and decision-making based on written information.
  2. Savills Numerical Reasoning Test: This numerical test consists of a series of questions that you will be required to answer within a specified time frame, which can vary depending on the specific company’s policies. In the Numerical Reasoning Test, you will encounter questions that pertain to graphs, percentages, and tables. Your task will be to analyze data presented in these formats and choose the correct answer from a set of multiple-choice options. The primary aim of this test is to assess your numerical abilities, including your capacity to work with numerical data, interpret it accurately, and apply mathematical concepts effectively. During the Savills Numerical Reasoning Test, you will be evaluated on your ability to manipulate numerical information, make calculations, and draw logical conclusions based on the data presented to you. This assessment serves as a valuable tool to determine your skill in the areas of numerical analysis, a skill often crucial in roles that involve financial or data-driven decision-making. In essence, the Numerical Reasoning Test is an essential part of the selection process, allowing employers to identify candidates who possess strong numerical skills and can excel in positions that require quantitative analysis and problem-solving.
  3. Savills Group Exercise: This exercise takes the form of a group discussion where candidates are presented with information, including various issues or challenges, and are expected to collectively devise solutions. The idea is to evaluate how well you can collaborate, communicate, and contribute to a team’s objective. During the Group Exercise, it’s crucial to strike a balance between active participation and effective collaboration. While it’s important to express your ideas and contribute to the group’s discussion, it’s equally vital to avoid dominating the conversation. This balance showcases your ability to work collaboratively within a team, listen to others, and collectively arrive at solutions to complex problems. You must remember to demonstrate your teamwork skills and be ready to collaborate with other members of the team, as this will boost your chances of succeeding in the exercise and the overall hiring process.
  4. Savills Presentation: During the Savills presentation, candidates are tasked with preparing and delivering a presentation on a topic provided by the assessors. This presentation is typically conducted in front of one or more assessors who will be present to evaluate your performance. During the presentation, you are expected to demonstrate not only your knowledge and expertise on the chosen topic area but also your ability to handle pressure effectively. This includes your capacity to communicate clearly and confidently while maintaining your composure and engaging with the audience, which may include answering questions from the assessors.

In addition to showcasing your knowledge, the Savills Presentation offers an opportunity to showcase your understanding of the company and how you align with its values and objectives. It provides a platform for assessors to be able to assess your presentation skills, your ability to convey information persuasively, and your capacity to handle challenging situations. Preparing thoroughly for this presentation and demonstrating confidence and competence can enhance your chances of success in the assessment process.

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Savills Application Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Assessment Centre
  3. Interview

Essentials for Passing the Savills Assessment Test and Interview

Successfully navigating the Savills aptitude tests and interviews requires careful preparation and a strategic approach. Here are some tips to help you excel in the Savills assessment process:

  1. Research Savills: Take time to familiarize yourself with the company’s history, values, culture, and the specific role you’re applying for. This knowledge will help you tailor your responses to align with Savills’ expectations and demonstrate your genuine interest in the company, both during the assessment tests and interview.
  2. Practice Aptitude Tests: For numerical and verbal reasoning tests, practice is crucial. Take advantage of our FREE TEST and our full Savills Aptitude Test Pack which will go a long way to improving your speed and accuracy in interpreting data, making calculations, and drawing conclusions. Practicing with our materials will help boost your confidence level ahead of the Savills hiring process.
  3. Understand the Job Requirements: Thoroughly review the job description and requirements to identify the key skills and competencies sought by Savills. Tailor your preparation to showcase how your qualifications match these requirements.
  4. Mock Interviews: You can conduct personal mock interviews with friends or family members to help you practice answering common interview questions. Your focus should be on highlighting your relevant experiences and skills that align with the specific job requirements.
  5. Group Activities: In group exercises, balance active participation with effective collaboration. Listen to your team members, express your ideas clearly, and contribute constructively to the discussion. Always ensure that you working together with other team members at ever stage of the group exercise.
  6. Presentation Skills: If required to give a presentation, practice your delivery and ensure you can confidently address questions from the assessors. Structure your presentation logically and focus on key points. You can practice and improve your presentation skills with friends and family members.
  7. Dress and Prepare Professionally: Dress appropriately for interviews and assessment centers. Choose a quiet, well-lit location for online assessments and interviews in order to minimize distractions.
  8. Confidence and Positivity: Maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. Confidence, enthusiasm, and a genuine interest in the role and the company can make a strong impression and enhance your chances of being selected for the role you are applying for.

Always remember that preparation and practice are key to success in the Savills assessment process. Tailor your approach to align with the specific requirements of the role you are applying for and showcase your skills and qualifications effectively at every stage of the hiring process.


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