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2024 Tesco Online Assessment Practice Questions Guide

If you are hoping to start a career at Tesco, you may be invited to take a Tesco Assessment, either online, in person at a Tesco Assessment Centre, or both. The assessments are used to evaluate applicants and find candidates who have the right skills, knowledge and attitude to fit in well at the company. If you are considering applying to Tesco in 2023, our 2024 Tesco Online Assessment Practice Questions Guide will help you understand what it takes to pass the Tesco Assessment.

About Tesco

Tesco  is a British multinational corporation and the UK’s largest retailer. It is headquartered in Welin Garden City, Hertfordshire. Founded in 1924, the first shop under the brand appeared in 1929 in the suburbs of London. Owns Europe’s largest hypermarket.


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Tesco’s Hiring Process

At Tesco, there are a series of stages that candidates will have to pass through in order to be hired for their desired role. These stages include;

  1. Online Application
  2. Games Based Assessment
  3. Video Interview
  4. Assessment Center


Tesco’s Aptitude Test Format

Once you finish the online application form, you’ll be informed if you’re moving on to the next recruitment stage, which involves online aptitude tests. Depending on the job you applied for at Tesco, these tests may include:

  1. Numerical Reasoning Test
  2. Verbal Reasoning Test
  3. Logical Reasoning Test
  4. Situational Judgement Test

The difficulty of these online tests varies based on the specific role. Make sure to read the aptitude test invitation email carefully for all the relevant information.

Preparing for Success:

To increase your chances of acing the Tesco Graduate Online Assessment Practice Test, follow these essential preparation tips:

  1. Understand the Format: Start by familiarizing yourself with the assessment’s format and structure. Knowing what to expect can help reduce anxiety.
  2. Practice Regularly: Practice makes perfect. Utilize online resources and sample questions to improve your numerical and verbal reasoning skills. Additionally, practice SJTs to enhance your decision-making abilities.
  3. Time Management: Each section of the test is time-bound. Learn to manage your time effectively to complete all questions within the allocated time frame.
  4. Stay Updated: Stay up-to-date with current events and industry news. Being informed can assist you in answering questions related to the retail sector during the assessment.
  5. Mock Assessments: Consider taking mock assessments to simulate the real test environment. This will help you become more comfortable with the test format.
  6. Seek Feedback: After practicing, seek feedback from mentors, professors, or peers. They can provide valuable insights into your strengths and areas that need improvement.

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