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The 4 Most Important Things You Must Do on Your GMAT Test Day

The 4 Most Important Things You Must Do on Your GMAT Test Day

It’s been a long time coming. Now, You’re set to take your GMAT! Here are 4 vital things you must do on the test day:

#1: Get there early.

Know exactly where the test will be held and how you will get yourself there. Pay attention to traffic reports so that you can compensate for any unexpected issues on the road. Leaving early will mean that you’ll be more relaxed; red traffic lights won’t raise your stress level, and you won’t be pulled over by the first officer who has to fill his speeding ticket quota. And most importantly, you’ll have time to use the rest room.

#2: Relax!

If you’ve got butterflies in your stomach, feed them! You’ve already done all the practice tests you can do, and you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Now it’s time to get a good, healthy breakfast – though it is wise not to overeat. Your body and mind will need the energy; plus it’s distracting to listen to your stomach growl.
Give yourself a massage! Rub your head, neck and shoulders. Place your hand over your heart while taking a very slow, deep breath.

#3: Stay on track.

Remember, you don’t want to rush, you only want to perform in a timely manner. Although there are time restrictions, if you misread direction, accidentally fill in the wrong answer-choice, or think illogically due to rushing, it won’t be worth all the time you save. Remember, haste makes waste! Also, keep in mind that incorrect answers don’t count against you, so you can always guess at any answers that you are unsure of. Remember, an educated guess is better than no guess at all! Moving through a test methodically and efficiently will likely mean that you’ll have more time at the end than if you were to rush and stumble, or dawdle over questions that you’re struggling with.

#4: Clean up and go.

Most importantly (at least to your sanity), remember that once it’s over, it’s over. Clear your mind of it, because you did your best. Go treat yourself to a hot chocolate or an ice cream cone, catch a movie with some friends and relax!

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