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Unilever Graduate Online Assessment Practice Test [Year]

Unilever Online Practice Test

Are you dreaming of a career with Unilever, one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies? If so, you’re not alone! Landing a job at Unilever is a coveted opportunity, and one of the crucial steps in the hiring process is the aptitude test. To help you prepare for success in 2024, Unilever has introduced a Practice Aptitude Test Pack that is designed to give you the edge you need. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of this test pack and how it can help you secure your dream job.

Understanding the Unilever Practice Aptitude Test

Before we dive into the details of the test pack, let’s briefly go over what the Unilever Practice Aptitude Test is all about. This test assesses your numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills, as well as your situational judgment. It’s a crucial step in the application process and is designed to identify candidates who possess the cognitive abilities required for success at Unilever.

The Unilever Practice Aptitude Test [Year]

Unilever recognizes that preparing for aptitude tests can be a challenging and time-consuming task. That’s why they’ve introduced the Practice Aptitude Test Pack for 2023. This comprehensive pack includes a range of resources to help you excel in the aptitude test:

  1. Sample Questions: The pack contains a variety of sample questions that closely resemble the types of questions you’ll encounter on the actual test. Practicing with these questions will help you become familiar with the format and style of the test.
  2. Detailed Explanations: The test pack provides detailed explanations for each question, helping you understand the underlying concepts and reasoning behind the answers. This is invaluable for improving your problem-solving skills.
  3. Timed Practice Tests: Time management is crucial in aptitude tests, and the Practice Aptitude Test Pack includes timed practice tests that mimic real test conditions. This allows you to work on your speed and accuracy.
  4. Progress Tracking: You can track your progress as you go through the practice materials, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to focus your efforts on areas that need improvement.
  5. Expert Tips: Unilever has enlisted the help of experts who offer tips and strategies for tackling aptitude tests effectively. These insights can make a significant difference in your performance.

Why Invest in the Unilever Practice Aptitude Test Pack for 2023?

  1. Competitive Advantage: The Unilever aptitude test is highly competitive. By using the practice pack, you’ll be better prepared than other candidates, giving you a competitive advantage.
  2. Increased Confidence: Practice builds confidence. When you’ve practiced extensively with the materials in the pack, you’ll approach the actual test with a greater sense of self-assuredness.
  3. Higher Scores: Ultimately, the goal is to score as high as possible on the aptitude test. The more you practice, the better your chances of achieving a high score, which can significantly boost your chances of getting hired.

Unilever Aptitude tests formats; What to expect:

Unilever mostly uses IBM Kenexa style tests for its candidate selection. The sections on the assessments may include any of the following test sections, depending on the role that you applied to and also the country you are applying from:

  1. Numerical Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Situational Judgement Test
  5. Personality Test

Unilever Practice Aptitude Test Pack 2023 and Worked solutions

Unilever graduate test pack Numerical Reasoning

Unilever graduate test pack numerical reasoning

Question-1 Approximately what proportion of Beauty & Fragrance are Store-Brand Product?

A. 12.5%

B. 15.8%

C. 16.8%

D. 10.8%

E. 19.7%

Question-2 What proportion of Jewelry & Watches are National Product?

A. 13.41%

B. 18.29%

C. 31.71%

D. 26.83%

E. 9.76%

Question-3 What is the approximate ratio of National Product to Imported products?

A. none

B. 3.73:1

C. 1:3.73

D. 1:2.73

E. 2.73:1

Question-4 What proportion of Clothing & Shoes and Home Products are Imported Products.

A. 50%

B. 51%

C. 54%

D. 53%

E. 52%

Question-5 In which department are those studying in North-West University exactly half those studying in the same department in Central University?

A. Economics

B. Arts

C. Humanities

D. Philosophy & Languages

E. Applied Science


1. What proportion of beauty and fragrance are stored-brand products: Beauty and fragrance that are brand = 30 Total stored-brand products = 45 30 60 15 = 190 So therefore, proportion of beauty and fragrance that are stored-brand products: 30/190 x 100 = 15.8%. Answer: (B)

2. Jewelry and watches that are natural products = 80 Total natural products = 160 150 200 220 80 = 820 So therefore, proportion of Jewelry and watches that are natural products are: 80/820 x 100 = 9.76%. Answer: (E) 3. Total natural products = 820, total imported products = 2240 Ratio of national products to imported products = 820: 2240 = 820/2240 = 41/114 = 41:112 = 1:2.73 (D)

4. What proportion of clothing and shoe and home products are imported products Clothing and shoes = 680 for imported products Homes products = 345 for imported products, total = 1025 1025/2240 x 100 = 54%. Answer: (C)

5. In which department is these studying in North West University exactly half those studying the same course in Central University? 21/100 x 8,000 = 1680 P a g e | 116 2020 Testpremier 21/100 x 400 = 840, therefore 1680/840 = 2. Answer: (E)

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