Etray Assessment Practice Test Pack

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Practice Full-length assessment test questions for Etray Assessment Test with our updated Etray Assessment Practice Test Pack. This pack contains assessment questions of the same style and difficulty as the actual test. Practice now, track your scores, and ace it! What You’ll Get:

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Improve your practice for the Etray Assessment Test with our updated Etray Assessment Practice Test Pack, which covers all the sections on the actual exams. This book provides valuable insights into what to expect and will be of great help in helping you develop effective study strategies. Kick off your preparation with our Etray Assessment Practice Test


With detailed step-by-step explanations on every question, and hints on how to solve them faster.

About Etray Assessment Practice Test

E-tray exercises assess a candidate’s ability to perform the necessary functions of the position applied for skills that cannot be assessed by traditional psychometric tests. Typical skills and attributes assessed are Managerial ability and taking responsibility. Decision-making and prioritization.

Employers use e-tray exercises to assess a set of core competencies that are required for a particular work role. These competencies are often assessed by employers during an interview following the e-tray exercise, through the use of competency-based questions.

What to expect:

E-tray exercises assess a candidate’s ability to perform the necessary functions of the position applied for, skills which cannot be assessed by traditional psychometric tests. Typical skills and attributes assessed are:

  • Managerial ability and taking responsibility
  • Decision-making and prioritisation
  • Organisational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management and awareness
  • Computer literacy
  • Understanding of organizational issues i.e. organizational culture/change

Sample Etray Assessment Practice Test Questions

Your name is P Smith and you are the Marketing Manager of a company named Reeder. Your boss is Janet Clifton.
Reeder is a retail company specialising in sales of foods and pharmaceutical products that has branches through the country. Its head office, where you work, is in Birmingham and its Managing Director is George Wilkes.
Reeder hired you because you are an ambitious, positive thinker who’ll make things happen. Good luck!

Question 1 – Conference Confusion

You received this email from the company MD, George Wilkes…

Subject: Innovations in Drugs Conference 21st October
I’ve just had a phone conversation with Frank Fielding of Kemiko, who are the major drug manufacturing company organising the above conference. He tells me that there is going to be a presentation by the manufacturers of Supranine, a revolutionary new drug for hay fever sufferers that has just been approved for sale over the counter by retailers in this country. I’ve read several reviews of this new drug, and it looks set to take a very large share of the overall market.

I feel that the market in hay fever remedies is one that we have never properly got to grips with in this company, and since the size of this sector of the market expands every year, we must do something about this. We also regularly see drug sales plummet in the spring and summer months when cold remedies are not selling – increased sales of hay fever products would help to reduce this.I’ve arranged a meeting with Karen for the week after the conference to discuss this, but she is on holiday the week before and therefore cannot attend the conference itself. I want you to make sure that you bring back a copy of all handouts relating to this product and any other  information that you think we’ll need when coming to our decision as to whether or not to market this product.

What do you do?
A – Attend the conference
B – Send someone else
C – Don’t attend but order material to be sent

Answer: A Attend the conference

This is the most appropriate response. While your MD does not actually tell you that you have to attend, his last sentence assumes you will. Emails very often get written ‘on the fly’ without the attention to detail of more traditional messages, so you need to look out for underlying instructions. To make the situation absolutely clear and demonstrate your efficiency you should reply to the email, very briefly, confirming your attendance.


Question 2 – Company Car

You receive this email from R. Patel…

Subject: Delivery of new company car
I’ve completed final negotiations with the garage supplying your new company car. They’ll have it ready for collection between 3 and 5 pm on Thursday 21 October, so I would be grateful if you could arrange for it to be collected at that time. They have agreed to include the sunroof, remote alarm, and the CD player at the price we originally agreed. I’ve also arranged for your old car to be collected from the car park at Head Office on the afternoon of the same day.

Please let me know immediately of any faults that you notice. When we’re paying this amount of money for a car it
should be perfect!

What do you do?
A – Collect the car yourself
B – Arrange to collect the car another day
C – Arrange for someone else to collect the car

Answer: B Arrange to collect the car another day

Even though it’s a new company car, and you want to pick it up, you’ve realised the priority that day is the ‘Innovations in Drugs’ Conference, which you promised your MD you’d attend. Well done.


Question 3 – Legal Action

You receive this email from susan.yu@grabit&, the company’s legal advisers.

Subject: Impending legal action by Kwono of Japan
I’ve been notified by our office in the Far East that Kwono is seriously considering taking legal action as a result of your high profile launch last month of Fango toothpaste. It appears that the name ‘Fango’ was registered by Kwono three years ago and has been used by them for a highly successful cream to treat athlete’s foot in Japan and throughout the Far East. Last year ‘Fango’ was apparently the most popular over-the-counter foot care product in Japan, and they have plans to market the product in Europe. Kwono is very unhappy that another product has been launched under the same name.

What do you do?
A – Immediately forward email to Janet Clifton and George Wilkes for them to action
B – Reply to email seeking legal advice, ‘cc’-ing it on to Janet Clifton and George Wilkes
C – Reply to email seeking legal advice

Answer: B Reply to email seeking legal advice, ‘cc’-ing it on to Janet Clifton and George Wilkes

This is the most appropriate action. This legal action could have major implications for Reeder so it is good that you have immediately called the firms’ legal advisors to action immediately. You’ve also realised the damaging potential of the incident and kept your
directors informed.


Question 4 – Charity Calls

You receive this letter:

National Society for Handicapped Children
PO Box 158

TO: Head of Marketing
Reeder Ltd
44 Moat House Lane

Dear Sir or Madam,
As you know, we are one of the leading charities presently helping children and young people who suffer from a wide range of handicaps. There is a vast amount of work for us to do to bring some hope into the lives of many thousands of children, but unfortunately, we find that our funds are not enough to enable us to do what we feel needs to be done.

We rely very heavily on support from the public, and in particular from corporate sponsorship and donations to enable us to carry on with our work. To this end, we have arranged a major fundraising concert on 12 December to be held at Symphony Hall in Birmingham, featuring the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Choir. In order for this to be the success that we hope for, we are asking local businesses to support the event with sponsorship or a donation. We would be grateful for donations of whatever size, but if you feel able to contribute 1000 or more we would be able to arrange some corporate entertaining for a party of you and your guests at the concert.
Businesses have told us in the past that they find this type of entertainment a very pleasant way of thanking customers or staff for their support.

I do hope that you will feel able to help us in this way. If you would like any further information about our organisation or the work that we do, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Smethhurst
(Head of Fundraising)

What do you do?
A – Refer to Janet Clifton
B – Refuse donation
C – Give donation or sponsorship

Answer: C Give donation or sponsorship

A generous approach! However, you’ve not been given sufficient information to do this. You’ll need to check the company policy on charities. You may have a charity-marketing budget, there may be a single charitable cause or event you support, or quite simply it’s sad
but true that some organisations refuse all such advances.

Part of your reasoning to do it should have been that this event actually gives Reeder these

  • Helps the company profile by being seen as a caring company.
  • The opportunity is on target with our market sector, giving the maximum PR value.
  • It can be cost-effectively used to entertain clients as well.


Question 5 – It’s big news!

Reading the paper on the way to work you see this article…

Boots for Sainsbury’s
Retailing giants Boots and Sainsbury’s yesterday announced a deal which will see the chemist chain’s Health and Beauty shops opening on supermarket sites. Initially, the openings will be on an experimental basis in seven stores, but if the experiment works, observers believe that the format could be introduced widely throughout Sainsbury’s superstore chain.

Both companies were being cagey about the project’s potential yesterday. A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman would only say that if successful it is hoped to extend the trial into other stores. But one analyst said: “This has potentially enormous importance in the longer term”. Initially, the experiment will be restricted to stores in St Albans, Ipswich, Dulwich, Camberley, Poole, Sevenoaks, and Hemel Hempstead; Sainsbury’s will provide space and charge Boots rent.

Boots’ high street shops have been under pressure from Superdrug and other competitors who have undercut Boots on perfumes, sun creams and condoms. But Boots’ spokeswomen could not comment on the company’s pricing strategy in the experimental concessions, and it is not known whether prices would match those in high street health and beauty shops. Sainsbury’s already has five concessions with Lloyds Chemists, and 12 Sketchley dry cleaners.

What do you do?
A – Email summary of the article to Janet Clifton
B – File it in your ‘miscellaneous reports’ file
C – Save it to deal with later

Answer: An email summary of the article to Janet Clifton

This is simple but useful market intelligence. It’s important that you and your boss are aware of current issues, happenings, and trends in your marketplace. From this big picture, you’re better able to carry out your marketing functions. You’ll probably get recognition for being on the ball as well. But don’t go overboard and send every article you see to Janet, just the major ones.


Question 6 – Drinks do

You received this email from Fred Hill, a manager at your level and working in a closely related area:

Subject: Drinks Do: Old Bell, Queens Rd, This Friday
As you may have heard, Marianne and I got engaged on Saturday, and we will be celebrating this at the Bell and Anchor on Friday. We hope that you will be able to join us at about 5.30 after work for a few drinks, and then go on for a Chinese banquet at about 7.30. We need to book numbers at the restaurant, so please let me know whether you will be able to come.

Boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives are very welcome of course!

The following post-it note also arrives on your desk:
Your girlfriend/boyfriend phoned while you were away from your desk and asked me to give you the message that he/she has managed to book theatre tickets for the Regent Theatre on Queens Road for Friday night. The performance starts at 7.45 pm. Please call back to confirm whether or not you can make it.

What do you do?
A – Go to Fred’s drinks and theatre
B – Go to Fred’s drinks, meal and theatre
C – Go to Fred’s drinks and meal
D – Go to Fred’s drinks only

Answer: A Go to Fred’s drinks and theatre

As you’re trying to reconcile your work-related social engagements with your personal life. Fred is a manager at your level and works in a closely related area, so it could be worthwhile and polite to accept the drinks at least. Ideally, you’d called your significant other, in response to their telephone message, to confirm you are on for the theatre and see if they can come for drinks at the Bell as well.


Question 7 – Business Development

Minutes from a Business Development Committee meeting
1. Proposed extension of the range of ready meals.
F Hill reported back to the committee on this matter. There appears to be considerable evidence that ready meals are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the larger towns and cities where the main buyers appear to be office workers who buy meals during the day to save cooking for themselves in the evening. These products have a high margin. The potential problem with them is that they have a very short shelf life. Foreign foods and “healthy” foods appear to be more popular than other types.

G Wilks proposed that a detailed costing exercise should be carried out. F Hill suggested that customer opinion could
be sought in branches. J Clifton agreed to arrange this. Further discussion was deferred to the next meeting.

2. Introduction of lockable display cabinets.
K Milward reported that she was very unhappy about the introduction of lockable glass covers over many products in branches. Although the committee had approved this three months ago, she felt that it was acting as a considerable deterrent to customers buying products, and sales had suffered accordingly. K Milward agreed to provide further detailed analysis of the fall in sales by line and the effect on profit. R West agreed to quantify the fall in pilferage levels since these cabinets have been introduced. The matter would be further reviewed in the light of this information at the next meeting.

3. New branch opening.
J Clifton stated that arrangements for the opening of the new branch in Southport on 18 November were well in hand.
All the normal publicity had been arranged for the event with exception of the 2-page spread in the Southport Advertiser, which has not yet been arranged because they do not accept advertisements more than 1 month in advance of publication. The design work for the spread has been prepared. It was planned to appear in the 12 November edition. It was agreed that P Smith would arrange this.

4. Seasonal fluctuations in pharmaceutical product sales.
G Wilks stated that he was concerned about the low sales in pharmaceutical products over the summer months that are experienced every year. Although this is due to very low sales in cough and cold remedies which yield high profits in the winter months, he felt that there were areas that we could expand which would compensate for this to some extent, such as insect repellent, hay fever treatments and skincare products. He is currently reviewing a number of possible products and hopes to have further information available for the next meeting.

5. Results for last month.
GW congratulated everyone, particularly the food sales staff, on very good results.

6. Any other business.

What do you do?
A – Arrange branch opening publicity immediately
B – Organise customer research immediately
C – Arrange branch opening publicity and organise customer research
D – Delegate branch opening publicity

Answer: C Arrange branch opening publicity and organise customer research

You spotted that in item 1 customer opinion was to be sought in branches, with J. Clifton, your boss agreeing to do this. Obviously this is a task for you. Well spotted, and good initiative for getting on with it. I assume you either told Janet at the end of the meeting you’d start on it right away or that you’ll email her so she knows it’s being done. You also saw that in item 3 you were specifically singled out to arrange publicity, and are getting on with that as well. You are showing great management potential.


Question 8 – Synchronised Sponsorship

You receive this letter…

The Synchronised Swimming Society
University of Chester
Western Road

Marketing Manager
Reeder Ltd
44 Moat House Lane

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing on behalf of our society, which was formed last year, in the hope that you will feel able to sponsor us on a tour of the Greek islands. We hope to tour the islands next May for two weeks with a team of about 10 people. We plan to give demonstrations of synchronised swimming in the sea and swimming pools and to raise the profile of the sport in general by our presence.

We will be able to display the Reeder name and logo prominently on our swimwear, thus giving a high degree of exposure to your company. We will also be able to publicise the use of some of the food and beauty products that you sell, for example waterproof cosmetics and slimming products (as several of our team have recently been on diets and will happily attribute their success to one or more of the diet programmes that you sell).

We would hope that you would consider a figure in the region of 8,000 reasonable for such sponsorship. We look forward to hearing from you, and feel sure that this arrangement will be very beneficial to us both in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Alison Worth

What do you do?
A – Bin the letter
B – Accept sponsorship
C – Write a declining letter

Answer: C Write a declining letter

Despite this rather far-fetched approach you’ve taken the trouble to reply. Even rejections can be beneficial as the other party knows where they stand and were treated well. The reputation of being hard but fair has never damaged a business.

It’s always worth properly analysing your reasons and they should have included:

  • it’s not aligned with business objectives;
  • it’s far too expensive;
  • there’s no logical business link for this partnership;
  • it opens the floodgates to other dubious requests


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