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JLL Graduate Online Assessment Practice Aptitude Test 2024

JLL Online Assessment Practice Test

Looking forward to securing a place in the renowned JLL workforce as a 2024 graduate? then performing in the JLL Graduate Practice Aptitude Test must be of great importance to you. Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) is a global commercial real estate services company, founded in the United Kingdom with offices in 80 countries. The company also provides investment management services worldwide, including services to institutional and retail investors, and to high-net-worth individuals.

Being such a big player in the real estate industry, this practice test plays a crucial role in assessing your whether or not you qualify to be part of the organization. In this blog post, our desire is to comprehensively delve into all facets of the 2024 JLL Graduate Aptitude Test, offering expert guidance and valuable insights to aid you in successfully navigating the application and assessment process.


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What is the Set-up of JLL Aptitude Test?

As part of JLL’s recruitment process, a candidate will be required to take some tests. It is important to note that your test will be based on the specific role you are applying for at JLL. Some of the tests are:

  1. JLL Tech Test: The technical test comprises four sections designed to assess candidates’ suitability for a technical role. These sections include:
    • Graphic Problem-Solving,
    • Interpreting Diagrams,
    • Mechanical Concepts
    • Reasoning for Rules
  2. JLL Situational Judgement Test: The JLL situational judgment test presents various workplace scenarios depicting real-life work experiences designed to evaluate your decision-making abilities. In this timed test, you will encounter twelve or more scenarios and be asked to rank the responses from most to least effective. While this test doesn’t demand external knowledge, practice can be valuable in preparing for it.
  3. JLL Ramsay Mechanical Comprehension Test: This test is usually part of the screening process for applicants who are applying for mechanical maintenance roles. This test has a duration of twenty minutes and comprises approximately thirty-six questions, consisting of various categories such as:
    • Household objects
    • Hand and power tools
    • Work (production and maintenance)
    • School (science)
  4. JLL Wiesen’s Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA): This thirty-minute test will require you to answer sixty multiple-choice questions related to mechanical ideas. It assesses your knowledge of basic mechanical concepts and principles of physics. The WTMA as offered by APR Testing Services, comprises 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed within a 30-minute time limit. Each question is accompanied by diagrams that illustrate various mechanical principles. The test covers a series of topics, such as concepts of basic machinery, gravity and center of gravity, basic physical properties of matter and materials, and other fundamental principles.
  5. JLL Pymetrics Test: The JLL Pymetrics test consist of 12 games meticulously designed to assess 91 social, cognitive, and behavioral traits. Each game can be completed in a relatively short time, typically taking between 1 to 3 minutes, resulting in a total test duration of approximately 30 minutes. An advanced AI algorithm closely analyzes every action and decision you make throughout these games, generating a comprehensive personality profile based on a multitude of data points. This profile is subsequently compared to the benchmark established by JLL’s highest-performing employees. Only the applicants/candidates who successfully align with or surpass this benchmark are able to graduate to the next stage of the recruitment process.

JLL Application Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Online Exams
  3. Interviews and Assessment Centre

JLL Interview and Assessment Centre

JLL’s interview process may consist of several stages, beginning with an initial phone interview that extends into your background and prior experiences. Some candidates might also have to undergo a second phone interview. Subsequently, you could be invited for an in-person interview, which often involves a blend of situational, personality, and motivational questions. These interviews may be conducted by a panel of management-level employees who take turns questioning candidates. Be prepared to respond to competency-based questions thrown at you, and also provide detailed explanations of your previous work experiences as stated on your resume.

If you make a strong impression on the interviewers, you may be requested to undergo a background check. Following this singular action, you can commence negotiations regarding your salary.

You may be requested to visit a JLL location for an assessment day. This request may happen on the same day as your final interview. During this assessment day, you will be expected to take part in a series of activities, such as written exercises, a group exercise, and another in-person interview. Additionally, you will gain insights into the potential work environment you may be entering. Typically, the assessment center will span four to eight hours.

Success Tips for JLL Practice Aptitude Test

Below are some of the tips that will help you excel in your JLL Aptitude Test

  1. Get Familiar with the Test Format: Make efforts to understand the format and nature of the JLL aptitude tests you will be taking. One way to do this is by taking advantage of our FREE TEST and also getting the full JLL Graduate Practice Test Pack.
  2. Practice Consistently: Practice is very vital if you must perform excellently well in the JLL test. Utilize our practice questions and test your question-answering abilities in order to enhance your skills in each test section.
  3. Time Factor: Manage your time effectively during the test. Allocate a specific amount of time to each question or section and move on if you get stuck on a particular question. You can return to challenging questions later.
  4. Review and Learn: After taking the practice tests, take time to review your answers, learn from your mistakes and learn the right answers too. Understand why you got certain questions wrong and work on improving in those areas.

By following these tips and dedicating your time and effort to practice and enhance your skills, you’ll be better prepared and positioned to excel in your JLL Aptitude Test.

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