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SHL deductive reasoning practice

SHL Deductive Reasoning Aptitude Test 2024: How to Pass with Flying Colors

In the realm of aptitude assessments, the SHL Deductive Reasoning Practice Test stands out as a critical evaluation of logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Whether you’re preparing for a job application, career advancement, or academic pursuit, mastering the SHL Deductive Reasoning Test can significantly enhance your prospects. Let’s delve into what this test entails and discover effective strategies to excel.

What is SHL Deductive Reasoning Test?

The SHL Deductive Reasoning Test is a type of psychometric assessment designed SHL, to evaluate a candidate’s ability to apply logical thinking and reasoning to solve problems. This test is widely used by employers during the recruitment process to assess potential employees’ cognitive abilities, particularly their capacity to make sound decisions and draw valid conclusions based on given information.

What to Expect on the SHL Deductive Test?

The SHL Deductive Reasoning Test is designed to assess your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It is commonly used by employers to evaluate how well candidates can apply reasoning to make decisions and solve problems based on given information. Here’s what you can expect when taking the SHL Deductive Reasoning Test:

1. SHL Verify G+ Deductive Reasoning Test (Interactive)

  • Questions: 12
  • Time Limit: 18 minutes
  • Special Instructions: The instructions will specify that this is an “…activity-based test allowing you to drag, drop, and interact…”

The SHL Interactive Deductive Reasoning Test is a new assessment format that deviates from the classic multiple-choice version.

In this test, you’ll face tasks such as scheduling on an interactive calendar, determining the ranking of individuals based on various criteria, organizing meeting rooms, and other interactive activities.

This version is deemed more difficult due to its interactive nature, with each question taking longer to answer.

(Nevertheless, you have only 1.5 minutes per question)

2. SHL Verify G+ Deductive Reasoning Test (Non-Interactive)

  • Number of Questions: 18
  • Time Limit: 20 minutes
  • Unique Instructions: Each question is followed by four or five response options. Click on the answer that you believe is correct.

The non-interactive SHL Deductive Reasoning Test is structured as a multiple-choice assessment where you choose from five responses for each question, with only one correct answer.

Types of Questions:

  1. Paragraphs or statements followed by questions such as “which statement must/cannot be true?”
  2. Paragraphs presenting specific details followed by questions about the assumptions underlying the argument.
  3. Tables filled with details and numbers, followed by questions that require careful analysis of the data provided.

This format tests your ability to reason deductively by evaluating information and selecting the most appropriate response from the options provided.

Sample Deductive Reasoning Questions and Answers

Question 1:

Statement: All cats are mammals. Some mammals are carnivores.

Question: Which of the following must be true based on the statements above?

A) All carnivores are cats.

B) Some cats are carnivores.

C) All mammals are carnivores.

D) Some carnivores are not mammals.

E) All cats are carnivores.

Answer: B) Some cats are carnivores.

Explanation: From the statements given, we know that all cats are mammals and some mammals are carnivores. Therefore, it must be true that some cats are carnivores, but not necessarily all cats.

Question 3:


 Day Temperature (°C) Precipitation (mm)
Monday 25 0
Tuesday 20 10
Wednesday 22 5
Thursday 18 15
Friday 23 0

Question: Based on the table, which day had both a temperature below 23°C and some precipitation?

A) Monday
B) Tuesday
C) Wednesday
D) Thursday
E) Friday

Answer: D) Thursday

Explanation: Thursday had a temperature of 18°C (below 23°C) and 15 mm of precipitation (some precipitation), satisfying both conditions stated in the question.

Practice SHL deductive reasoning tests with Testpremier

Practicing sample questions alone is not enough to fully prepare for aptitude tests like deductive reasoning assessments. While sample questions are valuable for familiarizing yourself with the types of problems you might encounter, effective preparation should involve a more comprehensive approach.

Accessing complete SHL Deductive prep pack and online practice tailored to SHL deductive reasoning tests ensures you are thoroughly prepared for the challenges of the actual assessment. This holistic approach will better equip you to excel in deductive reasoning and other types of aptitude tests.

How to Pass SHL Deductive Reasoning Tests

1. Understand the Test Format and Requirements

  • Research the Test: Gain insight into the specific SHL deductive reasoning test you will take, such as those conducted by SHL or other assessment providers. Understand the structure, question types, and time constraints.
  • Types of Questions: Deductive reasoning tests often include scenarios where you must draw conclusions based on given premises, identify assumptions, or analyze data tables. Knowing these types helps you tailor your preparation.

Build a Strong Foundation of Logical Reasoning Skills

  • Learn Deductive Reasoning Principles: Familiarize yourself with deductive reasoning principles such as conditional statements (if-then statements), logical inference, and identifying valid conclusions from given information.
  • Practice Logical Thinking: Engage in activities that enhance your logical thinking, such as solving puzzles, analyzing arguments, and predicting outcomes based on patterns.

3. Practice with Diverse and Challenging Questions

  • Use Comprehensive Practice Packs: Access our complete preparation packs and online practice designed for deductive reasoning tests. These packs provide a range of questions with detailed explanations and strategies.
  • Simulate Test Conditions: Practice under timed conditions to improve your speed and accuracy. This helps you manage time effectively during the actual test, reducing stress and enhancing performance.

4. Develop Analytical Skills

  • Analyze and Evaluate Information: Practice analyzing complex information quickly and accurately. Deductive reasoning tests often require you to sift through details and identify key elements to draw logical conclusions.
  • Critical Thinking: Enhance your critical thinking skills by evaluating the validity of statements, recognizing logical fallacies, and distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information.

5. Review and Learn from Mistakes

  • Review Practice Sessions: After attempting practice questions, review both correct and incorrect answers. Understand the reasoning behind correct solutions and learn from mistakes to avoid similar errors in the future.
  • Identify Weaknesses: Identify areas where you struggle or make consistent mistakes. Focus on improving these weaknesses through targeted practice and additional study.

6. Stay Calm and Focused During the Test

  • Manage Test Anxiety: Develop relaxation techniques to stay calm under pressure. Practice mindfulness or deep breathing exercises to maintain focus and clarity during the test.
  • Read Questions Carefully: Pay close attention to each question and its requirements. Misinterpreting a question can lead to incorrect answers, so take time to understand what is being asked.

7. Seek Feedback and Guidance

  • Seek Expert Advice: If possible, seek guidance from tutors, mentors, or peers who have experience with deductive reasoning tests. They can provide valuable insights and strategies to improve your performance.
  • Use Feedback Effectively: Incorporate feedback into your practice sessions to refine your skills and approaches. Adjust your study plan based on feedback to address weaknesses and build on strengths.

By following these steps and committing to consistent practice and improvement, you can enhance your deductive reasoning abilities and increase your chances of passing deductive reasoning tests successfully.



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