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Tips on Verbal Reasoning Test

Tips on Verbal Reasoning Test Using the passage below as an example, The answer is “cannot say” because, in the passage it doesn’t state anywhere that police officers are required to wear a uniform.   To read and fully understand every word of every verbal test passage will take time and ultimately, eat into the […]

3 key strategies to score high on any Aptitude Test

You may hear people say that you can’t improve your scores in psychometric tests. This is simply untrue. Everyone, if they practice, can improve their test scores.In any employment Aptitude Test, the biggest gains are achieved quite quickly and result from becoming familiar with the types of question and from getting ‘into the groove’ of answering them.

How to pass any online test - 5 Effective strategies

How to pass any online test – 5 Effective strategies

Online testing is fast becoming popular and at some time, you will have to sit one. Regardless of the nature of the online test, there are important strategies and steps you must take to maximize your chances of success.

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